Drain Cleaning in Calgary, Alberta

Slow running drains can soon become a larger problem and in some cases lead to an emergency repair to avoid water damage. We know that you don’t have time to wait around all day for a plumber to show up. Give us a call and we will do our best to make our visit as convenient as possible for you and your family.

We have a full range of powerful equipment to handle your home drainage system properly and have you back up and running right away!

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How is professional drain cleaning different from commercial drain cleaners?

Drain clogs not only can be frustrating because of the messy sink and foul smell, but they can also damage the pipes if left unrepaired for long time. When there is no place for the water to flow, this will end up causing pipes that leak which ruin the floors, the walls, and other spaces and materials. The damages which are caused can be very annoying. Leaks create an environment for dangerous mold to grow and spread through your home, and that moisture can attract unwanted pests as well.

Drainage clogs should always be addressed immediately, as they could cause further damage and frustration. Some may resort to buying a low-cost drain cleaner to solve it but this may not prove to be the most effective solution.

Often cleaners that homeowners may buy in stores don’t work, only make a gap through the gunk, or they’re not safe to use for the environment. These cleaners sometimes just give a solution that is temporary in nature. There are even times when such cleaners are only able to clear the debris at the start of the pipe. Instead of having the pipe cleared of the debris, what it does is to push it further away.

Having your drains cleaned by a professional removes debris from your pipes, making it unlikely that clogs will develop in the near future. Many plumbers today use products that are not harsh to the environment.

There are also several tools available to plumbers for managing drainage issues. They may even utilize a drain camera to recognize the issue and clear it as needs be. Your pipes will be in like-new condition after a drain cleaning.

How does hydro-jetting work?

There’s no need to use toxic chemicals to clear a clogged drain now that hydro-jetting has become a popular technique. In this technique, the drain is sprayed down with a high pressure jet stream of water.

Plumbing professionals always clean up any mess created in the process of clearing a clogged drain pipe. Hydro-jetting does such a good job of clearing a pipe that homeowners need not be concerned about another clog anytime soon. Drainage pipes will remain clear for a long time, helping homeowners to avoid the ever increasing cost of drain cleaners.

Because clearing pipe obstructions through hydro-jetting uses only water, it’s completely safe for the environment. Hyrdo-jetting can be employed to have sewer lines cleared of tree roots and other materials. Using a hydro jet eliminates the need to cut a sewer line open to clear it, making cleanup quick and easy.

What if the disposal is the problem?

If your kitchen sink isn’t draining well, it could be that the drain pipe is clogged, but it is just as likely the garbage disposal that’s causing the problem. A disposal can stop working when food particles or other items get into the disposal and jam it. There are times when the homeowner can solve the problem by clearing the debris from it, but there are times when it is a professional who needs to do this task.

An experienced professional can determine what’s wrong with your garbage disposal and let you know whether repairing it is feasible. However, if the unit is totally out of order, a professional can guide you through the options so you can install a new one as soon as possible. A lifetime warranty may be included in some new disposals, so homeowners can enjoy peace of mind with their new disposal.