Calgary, Alberta Professional Garbage Disposal Services

When the sink disposal suddenly stops, this can be concerning and frustrating. A garbage disposal may be jammed from an excess of food particles or foreign materials that are too thick or large for it to handle. A bad stench, difficulty in dishwashing, and clogged sinks full of water can all happen if your disposal stops working.

If the disposal is already acting faulty, homeowners may stop dishwashing completely due to their fear that the mess and clog will worsen. When the disposal is broken, it generally requires a speedy repair to allow the kitchen to return to normal functioning order. It can take less than a day for a professional technician to repair your disposal.

They have seen it and know how to repair it, regardless of the brand of disposal you have. And if disposal can no longer be repaired, a professional can discuss all your options to help you choose the right match for your home and family.

Signs You May Need a New Garbage Disposal

Disposal is essential for grinding up food particles and preventing large clogs from building up in the pipes. Many people prefer to dispose of food scraps down the sink drain rather than by throwing them in with their other trash. Garbage disposals are very efficient at grinding up food scraps but problems can arise over time with heavy use. Below you will be able to find some signs that will let you know it is time to replace your disposal.

Strange noises

It could be cause for concern if your disposal makes a loud or otherwise strange noise. Sometimes there is a piece of item that got stuck there which produces the sound. Moreover, if disposal continues to make weird noises after being checked thoroughly for foreign objects, it may be time to call a repair or replacement technician.

Doesn’t turn on

There could be a number of explanations for why your garbage disposal isn’t turning on. It’s possible that the breaker has tripped, so check your electrical panel. Next, press the reset button on the disposal, and check to see if the problem is solved. If that doesn’t work either, the most likely problems are bad wiring or some other mechanical issue.

Leaks water

No matter how well you maintain your garbage disposal, however, it will not last forever. These types of devices typically will last about 10 to 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. If you notice water leaking from the unit, repairing a crack could turn out to be more costly than the cost to replace the entire disposal with a brand new one.

Frequent repairs or resets

Your garbage disposal should not need to be reset often, and possibly not ever. If you find that you’re resetting the disposal often or the disposal is breaking all the time, it’s time to get a new model. If your disposal is only a few years old, check the warranty first before getting it replaced.

What to Look for in a New Garbage Disposal

You may not know how much it can manage various materials, because you actually inherited your disposal when you bought your house. You may be bothered by the disposal if it is noisy or has a limited capacity. You need to get information on the newest features of sink disposal so you can choose one well.

Many of the newer types of garbage disposals on the market today are quieter than older models. If you’re not sure which models offer the lowest noise levels, be sure to ask before making a purchase decision. Some disposals even have blades that are strong enough to cut through beef bones. If your garbage disposal isn’t capable of grinding up everything you feed into it, it may be time to upgrade to a more powerful model.

The motor’s horsepower can also play an important role depending on the frequency and usage of your family’s waste disposal. Disposal with 1 horsepower is typically enough for any sized family, and a half to three-fourths horsepower generally works for families of 4 to 6 people.

People who don’t like having electrical wires in close proximity to a water source can purchase garbage disposal that’s activated by an air pressure switch rather than an electric one. Air pressure switches lower the risk of electrocution and other hazards while using the disposal. There are plenty of options to choose from no matter what type of disposal you’re looking for and you can have a technician install it for you.